LNG Fuel Gas Container

Energy right there where it’s needed.

LNG Container as an integrated LNG preparation and storage unit

Cost-effective, flexible, environmentally friendly, future-proof and safe to use –
important features of the forward-looking LNG solution, developed by TECHNOLOG.


cost savings by omission of LNG storage and treatment on board


increased flexibility through independence of LNG infrastructure


reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions compared to fuel oil


enhanced safety due to absence of cryogenic handling on board

Integrated fuel preparation system

The fuel gas supply system is based on a mobile cryogenic LNG container with integrated fuel gas preparation system. Bunkering is as simple as exchanging an empty container for a full one.

Two sizes – 20ft & 40ft

For distribution, the LFGC units, designed in 20ft and 40ft ISO container sizes, will utilize the worldwide existing logistic chain for certified dangerous goods container transportation.
LNG preparation and storage unit

Connected as a module

Once safely secured on board and connected to the ship’s systems, the LFGC will provide preheated natural gas ready to use for low-pressure consumers.

Safety first

Re-Filling of the LFGC is done in industrial LNG terminals.  This minimizes the risks associated with cryogenic handling on board considerably.
“This development from TECHNOLOG is a strategy to expand the supply chain and improve access to LNG fuel.” Patrick Janssens

Vice President for Global Gas Solutions, American Bureau of Shipping ABS





LFGC - 20ft & 40ft

Facts & Figures


Operating Parameters

Max operating pressure   10.0 bar

Relief pressure                   11.7 bar

Test pressure                     15.3 bar

Fuel Gas Key Figures

Fuel gas preparation        300 kg/h

Fuel gas pressure            2 – 8 bar

Fuel gas temperature    20° – 45°  C

LFGC 20ft

LFGC 40ft


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